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How Car Title loans in Santa Ana Works?

At 60 Minutes Car Title Loans Santa Ana we are confident that car title loans are a beneficial alternative for those people seeking financial assistance in a hurry. Nevertheless, it is understandable that you would want to know how it works before jumping into the process head first.

Auto title loans are not the 3 headed monsters some insinuate. There are minimum risks with any borrowing process where collateral is used, but we are committed to making the experience a positive one.

The process begins with the application, but we don’t have you fill out an application that is a mile long and requests your complete life history. Our title loans process actually requires very little information.

The initial brief questionnaire requires some personal information including an address and phone number. We will need the information about your title and the car being used as collateral. The application can be submitted easily online, by phone or in person.

What is needed?

Since your automobile title is being used as collateral for the auto title loan it will need to be in your name. We will need to see the vehicle to ensure it is in quality condition. We will need to see your driver’s license to prove your identity and we will need to know the vehicle is properly ensured.

Of course you need to be of legal age to qualify for any car title loan. That is basically all you need to qualify for car title loans in Santa Ana, CA.

The important thing to note is that you could have the money you need in your hands in as little as a few hours. The staff at Santa Ana Car Title Loans will set up a convenient payment plan designed for success, not failure.

Employment is not necessary, however you will need to display that you do have some means of repaying the money loaned. Don’t waste your time with other fast cash options that only bring you down. Apply for the money you need today.

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