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5 Personal Finance Habits That Could Change Your Life

Many of us can get stuck in a financial rut and not know how to pull ourselves out. It could stem from buying too many things on credit at some point or from being without a job for a period of time. Here are 5 habits that can help you get more money.

  1. If you don’t have it, then don’t spend it! We’ve become a real credit card generation. It’s so easy to see something we want and whip out a wallet full of credit cards to pay for it. Simple, painless and easy. We don’t even feel like we’re spending real money!. Start spending cash and you’ll get your spending under control. And if you don’t have enough cash, then consider not buying. Just walk away!
  1. Make a budget. Understanding your income and planning your expenses will save you money during the month.
  1. Check sales before going shopping. It’s the easiest thing to pop the item you want to buy into your browser and find the cheapest price. Otherwise, you may be tempted to walk into a store and buy on impulse, without knowing you could have gotten it cheaper and saved money.
  1. Put something aside for a rainy day. No matter how big or little your salary is, you can be sure that at some point an emergency will arise and you will need extra money. If you don’t have extra money, but you do have a car, then you can use your car as security for car title loans. Title loans have reduced interest and you can get them without a credit check.
  1. Buy in quantity. Many times it’s cheaper to buy multiple items together, so always check the prices carefully. Minimize your trips to the store.

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